Travel Under The Sea With Google’s Underwater Street View

Travel Under The Sea With Google's Underwater Street View

From Satellite View to Street View to inside malls and shops, Google Maps has literally all over the world to show it’s users far away sites and wonders; except all those wonders have always been on the surface until now. The Mountain View company is really stepping up their game with the new Underwater Street View.

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This is an amazing high-definition look at the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii and the Philippines, although it has no practical purpose. This purely entertaining feature is fantastic for people unable to visit these places in real life or want to relive those experiences from their home computer. The only practical use could be by groups planning out their dives ahead of time but they usually have personal guides as well. Even if they could get a signal in the depths of the tropics, there are no real street signs to direct a diver.

It is crazy how far companies will go to add a little something for their users and this is definitely a step in the right direction for Google after losing tons of people to Apple’s new Maps, although we’ve seen how that’s working out so far. Have you explored the Great Barrier Reef from your living room yet?