Camera Test – iPhone 5 v. DSLR

Camera Test - iPhone 5 v. DSLR

iPhoneography, the art of using an iPhone for everyday photography, has become quite popular as the on-board camera increases in quality and the number of photo-editing apps increases in quantity. Tools like Instagram and Snapseed has made many iPhone users try their hands at producing artsy pictures of their travels, meals, and everyday actions, and when you combine that with one of the best phone cameras on the market, then you have some serious competition against point-and-shoot and DLSR cameras.

iPhone 5 vs. Canon 5D Mark III, iPhone 5 vs. dslr

The picture above shows a photo comparison between the iPhone 5’s 8-megapixel sensor and the Canon 5D Mark III’s 22.3-megapixel beast of a sensor shooting a midday city scene. The common viewer may not think there is a great amount of difference between the two pictures besides the Canon 5D having a bit more light but there is much more to the case. Upon a closer look, the amount of detail in the DSLR-shot photo is so much greater than that of the iPhone 5. Another significant difference is the depth of field in the two photos; this a factor that differentiates a DSLR from all other normal cameras, much less a phone camera.

The iPhone 5’s photo is still nothing to laugh at; it brings out a lot of color and light from the scene with an amazing amount of detail for something that does more than just photography. An advantage the iPhone 5 has over the Canon 5D is the ability to instantly edit the picture as soon as it’s been taken and share it on multiple social networks. So the pros and cons are there, and keep in mind that there is a bit over $3000 difference between the cameras as well.

So we see smartphone cameras getting better and better, as they are used by professional at the Olympics and even having various lenses made for them as well. But where does it stop? How much more room for improvement is there for these amazing mobile cameras?