A High-Res Preview Of The iPhone 5 Design [Leaked Images]

Just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore news or leaks about Apple’s next-gen iPhone but the day before is usually when the biggest rumors fly out of the woodwork. This year is no different as iMore has provided high-resolution pictures of the supposed back and bottom of the iPhone 5.

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These photos are made possible by a Chinese company creating very realistic iPhone 5 bodies based on the rumored designs that has spread across the Internet. iMore was fortunate to be one of the first in America to attain one of these copies, displaying a closer look at the purported designs. The bottom shows the 9-pin dock connector and headphone jack along with stereo speakers; the headphone jack has stayed at the top of every iteration before, so these sudden jump is quite interesting.

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The back of the physical mockup shows the same two-tone appearance seen in every other leak but in much greater detail; they have even included the iPhone title and “made by Apple in California.” The camera sensor still look a bit smaller on this copy than that of the iPhone 4S, which further proves that it is just a mockup. Another little addition is, what looks like, a microphone hole between the camera and the flash; this could be hope for HD audio recording to go with the HD video.

That is the latest rumor we’ve seen thus far but be on the look out for more as the event is less than 24 hours away now and everyone will be trying to put in the final word before then. Let us know about any other gossip you’ve been hearing in the comments below and look out for our updates during the event tomorrow.

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