The Cure to Cancer Could Be Just Around The Corner

It’s one the most dangerous and diverse diseases that effects all walks of life and yet a cure has not been found for it. This is cancer, and the second you hear that word uttered you begin to wonder how long that person or animal has left; However, due to new research there could be a way to, once and for all, get rid of cancer.

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This new research, which consists of three independent studies, shows that tumors are fueled by cancer stem cells. Stem cells are biological cells that can divide and differentiate to into specialized cell types and can self-renew to make more stem cells. So in the case of this discover of cancer stem cells, if their gone then nothing can multiple and infect the body. Now the medical community just needs to find a way to isolate these cells and get rid of them before the spread starts, whether that be through vaccine or surgery, and it could potentially extend the life as we know it.

It truly is an unbelievable breakthrough with remarkable possibilities and we can only hope that it doesn’t take too long for the research to evolve into treatment, thus start saving lives everywhere.

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