Scientists So Close To Malaria Cure

Getting a medically-apporved drug out to market can be a long and tedious process, even when that drug could save millions of lives. This is the obstacle course researchers at the University of Cape Town in South Africa are faced with when developing a pill that can cure malaria in a single dose.

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This patient and determined medical professionals have gone every single trial needed for approval except for human testing, which is definitely the biggest hurdle of them all. This process can still take years sometimes to make sure there are no lethal or counterproductive side-effects for the people who would be receiving the drug. The good news is that all the previous animal testing showed this new miracle pill was safe, effective, and had no adverse side-effects. The hope of the team heading this project is that once this drug is able to solve the malaria crisis in Africa, then other research groups and scientists can focus on more serious matters such as HIV and AIDS.

What is your opinion on the grueling drug approval process? Should it be sped up to save the millions that could die during further testing, or do the restrictions apply to everyone and all should abide by them? Let us know in the comments.

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