One of the greatest factors consumer technology today is resolution; it could be high-resolution monitors or smartphone displays with Retina/Super AMOLED/IPS-LCD, there is so much out there. But nothing can even come close to 16 million pixels per inch!

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Yes, the picture above is made up of 26,000 unique images that total a file size of 281-gigapixels; imagine that upload time! That picture is of a 1.5 millimeter zebrafish embryo, and the photo was captured using virtual nanoscopy. While at first glance the image doesn’t that impressive but, at full resolution, you have the ability to zoom in to the most minute detail.

The technique used by the research group at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, and their project, will published in the Journal of Cellular Biology in the upcoming months. You can try to see the full picture here but it does seem to struggle every once a while because of the enormous file size.