How To Monitor Your Business Using SugarCRM

How To Monitor Your Business Using SugarCRM 1

SugarCRM is an open source customer relationship management (CRM) software that is specifically designed for businesses to communicate in a better way with their clients and customers. Sugar platform is highly recommended for sales force automation, market automation, businesses offering customer support and call centers.

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If you are wondering as to why should you go for this CRM software, then have a look at its amazing unmatched features:

Calendar: Calendar can be synchronized with third party sources, like MS Outlook, Gmail, etc. This helps to a great deal in keeping your business meetings and calls managed in an organized way.

Integrated Email Support: Email integration is a must for marketing and sales. You can integrate it with other Email clients, such as MS Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, and many more.

Integration of Google Apps: This feature makes it altogether easy to share files between this powerful tool and Google apps that you like. Moreover, there is support system for custom Google integrations as well.

Socialized CRM: Sugar can be integrated with social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. This helps you share data and collaborate email that helps you gain sales intelligence.

Multilingual Interface: Sugar tool can be accessed in as much as 26 languages. This helps greatly in global deployment.

Mobile CRM: Makes it altogether easy to access Sugar tool on-the-go. Thus, whether you are in office or out somewhere, you can always stay in touch with your clients, customers and manage you work accordingly.

Custom CRM Platform: This features lets the developers and admins create process for businesses much faster and in an easier way. This helps you to create business rules and enforce them in a convenient way.

Marketing Analytics: Various marketing tools of Sugar helps in turning all your data and files into actionable information. You can create hassle-free reports on trends of sales, analysis of marketing, reports of different cases and be able to create different customer profiles.

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If you are doubtful about whether Open Source SugarCRM will be a useful platform for you to invest on or not, you can always take a free trial so as to get familiar with this tool. And with the all-new 6.5 version of Sugar, you get the following incredible additions:

Brand new UI: Combines three different navigation bars into one saving a lot of your precious time

Better Search Engine: Quicker and extremely useful with the ability to search for custom fields and modules.

Improved calendar: helps you create recurring meeting schedules and call alerts with the option of changing their time using the quick drag and drop interface.

Enhanced running speed: The 6.5 version of Sugar works unbelievably faster than its previous version. You will notice a reduction in timespan been put into areas of work that earlier required loads of time.

You can also go for Total Success Packages that allows you to get heavy discounts on bundles, such as support services, professional services, training, etc. Professional services include consulting, data transfer and kickstart packages that will make your Sugar-using experience successful. If ever, you feel that you are stuck at a point or unable to understand something, you get the By-The-Hour guidance that is available for your assistance.