Chemotherapy May Be Making Cancer Worse

Chemotherapy May Be Making Cancer Worse

The common treatment for cancer this day and age is chemotherapy but it is a very aggressive remedy that is not always guaranteed to work, and some new studies show it may actually be hurting more than helping.

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The idea behind chemotherapy is that it is a poison that kills cancer cells and hopefully makes sure they don’t grow back; the trouble with it is that there is no way to aim the poison at just the cancer cells, so they end up harming the healthy cells in the organ and muscles as well.

The new study show chemo causing healthy cells to make a protein called WNT16B, which essentially fuels the cancer cells to keep growing and resist future treatment. This is absolutely the opposite effect wanted by patients and doctors, but this new research doesn’t mean chemo should be canceled altogether.

Chemotherapy is still saving numerous lives and will continued to be used, however the formula can now be retooled to avoid producing the WNT16B protein and keep killing the deadly cancer cells.