Apple Gets $1,049,343,540 In Damages In Samsung Trial

Apple Gets $1,049,343,540 In Damages In Samsung Trial

It has finally come to a close (for now), the trial between Apple and Samsung over the series of Galaxy devices infringing upon the iPhone and iPad patents, and Apple came the victor with over $1 billion awarded from Samsung.

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The exact amount of Samsung’s payment to Apple is $1,049,343,540 and, while it may not be huge dent in the tech titan’s wallet, it certainly sends a message that Apple has legitimate claim over its patents. If you haven’t been following the trial the claims in question were as such:

  • a rectangular product shape with all four corners uniformly rounded
  • the front surface of the product dominated by a screen surface with black borders
  • a metallic surround framing the perimeter of the top surface
  • a display of a grid of colorful square icons with uniformly round corners
  • a bottom row of square icons set off from the other icons and that do not change as the other pages of the user interface are viewed
  • a rectangular box with minimal metallic silver lettering and a large front-view picture of the product on the top surface of the box
  • a two-piece box wherein the bottom piece is completely nested in the top piece
  • use of a tray that cradles products to make them immediately visible upon opening the box

Several icon designs were in question as well including the Settings, Messages, Phone, Notes, Photos, and iTunes icons.

Apple v Samsung, samsung vs apple, galaxy vs iphone, samsung galaxy vs iphone
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Not all the patents were found to have been infringed upon but apparently it was enough to have the jury award Apple a cool billion to add to its already massive collection of cash. What is your opinion on the matter? You can read the full legal verdict here and let us know what you think in the comments below.