Top 10 Olympic Moments

Top 10 Olympic Moments 1

With the 2012 London Olympics just around the corner, the buzz has already started setting it. Olympics are considered as the biggest sporting extravaganza held on this planet and hosts more than 10,000 athletes coming from over 200 countries.

Over the years, Olympic games have been full of some really especial moments including the domination of Usain Bolt in the 2008 to Jesse Owens win against Nazi Germany in 1936 Olympics. With each passing year, the competition is getting tougher for the athletes. Following is the list of Top 10 Olympic moments.

1. Muhammad Ali

The opening ceremony of Atlanta Olympics in 1996 was truly spectacular and remarkable. Crowd really got crazy when Muhammad Ali lit the torch at the Centennial Olympic Stadium amidst jeering crowd, making it a memorable moment in Olympic history.

2. Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang china, Liu Xiang olympics, olympics Liu Xiang

This Chinese hurdler was almost unbeatable around 4 years ago. He won gold during the Athens Olympics and became the first male of his country to win track as well as field gold. Also, it wasn’t just a win but also world record equaling performance by Liu. This Olympic win was followed by winning of the world title in the year 2007 and setting a world record in the same. However, an Achilles injury dented his performance at Beijing. Still, a lot of people are still counting on him.

3. Oscar Pistorius & Caster Semenya

Oscar Pistorius & Caster Semenya

This South African pair is a popular one in the sporting circles. Oscar who is also called Blade Runner runs on a carbon fiber blades and is going to be the first double amputee athlete who will compete in an able bodied game. On the other hand, Semenya is a female athlete who surprised the sporting world with her performance in the Berlin World Championship to such an extent that the people started ascertaining whether she was a man running as a woman. Even after a lot of criticisms both of these athletes marching into their country contingent is surely going to be a historic moment.

4. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt was the hero of Beijing Olympics four year back winning three gold medals and setting two world records. Four years later, he is till continuing his winning streak and superb performance. However, last year in South Korea at World Championship Bolt was disqualified following a false start. Things also turned ugly after he was involved in a car crash. However, it is time for Bolt to prove once again that he is the best in the field.

5. Carl Lewis

Carl Lewis, Carl Lewis olympics, olympics Carl Lewis

At the popular 1984 Olympics Games that were held in Los Angeles, Carl Lewis succeeded in equaling the record of Jesse Owens by winning four gold medals having scored wins in both 100m, 200, 4 x 100 relay as well as long jump. These performances by Carl were class apart with some magazines calling him as “Olympian of the Century”.

6. Derek Raymond

Derek Raymond, Derek Raymond crying, Derek Raymond olympics, olympics Derek Raymond

He has never won an Olympic medal; still his outstanding performance during the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona is among the best Olympic moment in the history. During the semi final round of the 400 meter sprint competition, his hamstring got injured and he collapsed on the track. However, he refused medical help and took help of his father to hobble across the finish line.

7. Nadia Comăneci

Nadia Comaneci, Nadia Comaneci gymnastics, Nadia Comaneci olympics

Yes, she was just 14 when she participated in Olympics games in Monteral in the year 1976. To much of the surprise of everyone she scored the first perfect 10 in the history of women’s gymnastic. As the display boards weren’t able to showcase the perfect mark, they displayed 1.00.

8. Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps olympics, olympics Michael Phelps

This American swimmer is undoubtedly the best swimmers that have ever dived into water. His Olympics medal tally counts as 14 with majority of them being gold. Phelps, who is going to appearing his fourth Olympics is all set to surpass the recording of Larisa Latyninaso as to become the greater Olympic athlete of all times.

9. Mary Lou Retton

Mary Lou Retton, Mary Lou Retton olympics, Mary Lou Retton gymnastics, olympics Mary Lou Retton

She truly displayed her class in the 1984 Olympic Games that were held in Los Angeles. She became the first American female athlete to win gold in all around gymnastics competitions. Her performance during that period was considered as best among all Olympians.

10. Deratu Tulu

Dera Tulu, Dera Tulu olympics, olympics Dera Tulu

She was the first Ethiopian female to win a gold medal in Olympics when she went on to win 10,000 meters event in the 1992 Olympic Games. After the win, as a gesture and harmony she joined hands with the runner up which was Elana Meyer of South Africa for a victory lap. This act of her was truly remarkable and appreciated by the audience as well as media.