It has been over a century since the first successfully mass-produced, consumer car was developed by Henry Ford in Detroit, Michigan in 1908. Since then, the motorcar has definitely gone through quite the evolutionary cycle; starting out as hand-cranked, gas-guzzling, boxy brute to a push-to-start, electric-powered, stylish portrait of human innovation we know and love today.

Below is an infographic¬†created by CarLoan4u, which displays factual information in a creative and interesting design, that shows the evolution of the Ford Motorcard over the century they’ve been around. It expresses the awesome advantages of electric over gas, as well as the future of electric automobiles to overcome the modern fueled vehicles.

Car Infographic, evolution of car, car evolution

Take a gander and think about when or if you will ever buy an electric car, and let us now in the comments.