‘Soap Bubble Screen’ The World’s Thinnest 3D Display Created Using A Soap Bubble

For most people, when you think of bubbles you remember the childhood joy of seeing those floating, shimmering spheres you desperately want to pop, but for a group of researchers at the University of Tokyo, they see a new medium for 3rd dimensional displays.

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Now this isn’t your average soap, it’s a special mixture that creates more of a “tough bubble” that can withstand the high frequency vibrations used to form the colloidal display. The initial applications of this technology are imagined as the world’s thinnest 3D screen or flexible display. It is through the use of multiple displays that a 3D image is constructed and ,since the screen is transparent, it gives the visual that the image is floating. This could be the beginning of hologram-type screens, especially because the colloidal mixture can be formed around various shapes and sizes.

Nontraditional displays have been tried before, using water or ice, with not the most practical results, however this bubble display concept has a lot of potential to go a long way. With technology such as this, the possibilities seem almost endless. It could be a portable projection screen without the hassle of having to fold up a cloth and instead just blowing a bubble, or it could change the face of mobile computing with flexible and easily repairable displays. From childhood to the future, bubbles have definitely come a long way.

[via ColloidalDisplay]

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