The Much Anticipated iPhone 5 – A Collective [PHOTOS]

The Much Anticipated iPhone 5 - A Collective [PHOTOS]

We have been hearing and dreaming about the iPhone 5 for about a year and a half, since Apple “surprised” us with the iPhone 4S last October, and the rumors are still stacking up. One of the greatest things to from those rumors is the concept designs that litter the internet so we can all imagine what Apple’s next superphone might look like.

From mock-Apple demo videos to 3D models, designers and fanboys alike flock to their Macs to invent the next viral visual.

Both of these videos have some splendid graphic work and seem to want at least one similar feature, the projected/laser keyboard. While such contraptions do exist, they are external devices and not as accurate as the concept videos above would care for. Having some kind of projected keyboard on a phone would be top of the line technology, however for practicality and battery life purposes it will remain a dream we see in movies for now.

Now on to the pictures:

iPhone 5 - Liquid metal concept,iphone concept,iphone concept liquid metal

iPhone 5 - Liquid metal concept,iphone concept,iphone concept liquid metal

This is definitely one of my favorites and follows along with the stories of Apple’s hold on liquidmetal technologies, currently being used for the iPhone’s SIM ejector tool. Liquidmetal is a unique alloy that is tough but stays light and smooth, making it the seemingly perfect medium for next-generation technologies. The concept’s specs sound as great as it looks with a quad-core CPU and 10 megapixel camera while keeping an even slimmer form factor than the current generation.

iPhone 5 - magic mouse concept,magic mouse concept iphone,magic mouse concept iphone 5,iphone 5 magic mouse concept

I believe this concept, while very unique, to be a swing and a miss on the designer’s part. The so-called “Magic Mouse iPhone” looks like an awkward device to hold, to say the least, but it did it’s job of attracting attention to distinct design work of the creator.

iPhone 5 - the New iPhone concept

To stay on the topic of unique form factors, this concept certainly makes you stop and stare. The new iPhone, aptly named following the new iPad, has the thinnest design I’ve seen of any concept for any phone. It includes some truly inspiring specs such as the capacitive home button in the display and LED-powered border for alerting certain notifications based on the color that displays. It may not be the most practical design but it is the most imaginative by far.

iPhone 5 - wireless charging concept,wireless charging concept iphone,iphone 5 wireless charging concept,wireless charging concept iphone 5

Being able to fool a well-known tech news site into thinking this picture was the actual iPhone 5 is quite the accomplishment for any concept designer. This artist did a fantastic job on constructing a very realistic and believable design, it is not hard to actual imagine this as Apple’s next-generation phone. It emulates the rumors of a slightly larger screen and a smaller dock connector, and the matte back looks very stylish while keeping practical to keep fanboys from dropping their phones.

No one really knows what we’ll see come the rumored fall announcement but I look forward to see what concepts continue to appear until then.