Micro-Machines To Start Making Medicine Inside Our Bodies

Micro-Machines To Start Making Medicine Inside Our Bodies

We have all seen nanotechnology in movies and television shows over the years, from the nanoprobes in Star Trek to the Nanomites in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. Now these are some examples of nefarious uses of nano tech but a group of scientists from MIT and the University of British Columbia have struck one for the good guys.

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They have created “mini-factories” that can be programmed to produce different types of proteins and, when implanted into living cells, it should distribute those proteins throughout the body. The scientists have initially triggered these “factories” into action through the use of a laser light to relay the message of which proteins to produce.

microscopic factories inside a living cell, producing proteins


The medical functions of this technology is nearly endless in treating and perhaps curing numerous diseases, from diabetes to cancer. Insulin pumps have come a long way, including the current wireless models, but the diabetic still have to wear some sort of external device. If patients could just have an internal apparatus that could communicate with their smartphone or some other wireless remote to monitor it’s functions, it could be an almost carefree solution to such a cumbersome disease.

In its simplest form, this breakthrough would mean no more forgetting to take that daily, life-sustaining pill for the older generation or treating at-risk infants without having to continuously stick them with a needle. It will be exciting to see how this nanotechnology can progress, just as long as it is kept away from the Borgs or soldiers of Cobra.