Aerographite Now Holds The Record For Lightest Material Ever

Aerographite Now Holds The Record For Lightest Material Ever

While amassed this material may look like a sponge you’ve kept a bit too long and soaked in black paint but it’s actually the lightest material in the world, named Aerographite . It was created in Germany at the Hamburg University of Technology and University of Kiel, and it could possibly be the next greatest innovation in technology as we know it.

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The density of aerographite is less than 0.2 mg/cm3, which blows away the previous records holders like metallic microlattice at 0.9 mg/cm3 and aerogel at 1 mg/cm3, and the various properties of this material make it incredibly useful.

This network of hollow carbon tubes is able to support 35 times it’s weight and can be compressed to a thousandth of it’s size, those factors along with ability to conduct electricity gives numerous possibilities to this new invention. Some uses could be as an ultra-lightweight and portable battery that could revolutionize the electronics industry and maybe create the next great smartphone.

Technology is moving so fast who knows how long it will be until there’s a material with a density of less than 0.1 mg/cm3 that could completely change the world again but until that happens it will be great to see how far this latest discovery can take us.