Top 10 Performances Of American Idol 2012

Top 10 Performances Of American Idol 2012

American Idol is a brand in itself. It has emerged as one of the most popular musical talent hunt show in the history of this planet. It’s not only entertaining for the audience, but it provides a platform to the singers to showcase their talents.

Each year, the performances of the participants are improving and we have seen some great performances in the recent past. This year is no different; the following is the list of Top 10 performances of American Idol 2012.

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1. Joshua Ledet – “When A Man Loves A Woman”

No one would have thought that he would sing the song so beautifully. The singing was so flawless and heart touching that he got standing ovation from all of the three judges.

2. Jessica Sanchez – “Everybody Has A Dream”

Jessica was the runner up on this season’s American Idol. This song was marked by praises from the judges and was deemed as among her best so far.

3. Erika Van Pelt – “New York State of Mind”

This performance marked a makeover for Erika. She looked much improved not only in her singing but also in her looks. Her strong voice created the magic in the hall and was well appreciated by the judges as well as audience. Even though it was a mellow but it suited her really well. She also tried to experiment with it and succeeded in impressing the judges.

4. Skylar Laine – “Shameless”

Skylar was amazing in this song. Her low tone is much more impressive than her loud tone. Even though she was not being considered as among the top contenders till then, this performance of her surely won her many accolades.

5. Elise Testone – “Vienna”

The song wasn’t that popular as it should have been. However, Elise ensured that people talk about her performance and to her surprise they are doing so. The unfamiliar tune of the song was nothing in front of Elise’s charisma and powerful singing. It is surely among the best performances of this season.

6. Phillip Phillips – “Movin’ Out”

Well, audience simply adored Phillip Phillips. The moment he started fans knew he is going to deliver something special and he did. One of the best performances we have seen on American Idol 2012.

7. Colton Dixon – “Piano Man”

Colton was a great performer and people expected a lot from him. This performance by him was a crowd pleaser and simply superb.

8. Hollie Cavanagh – “Honesty”

Hollie was intelligent to choose this ballad song as this genre of songs suits her voice. Though audience joked about her dressing sense, she rocked with the performance. Even though she started off with some pitch problems in the starting but rest of her performance made it come out as brilliant performance.

9. Joshua Ledet – “She’s Got a Way”

Even though it cannot be considered as a class performance, but Joshua managed to sing the song well keeping in mind that he hadn’t heard it before. He got mixed reviews but his performance can’t just be overlooked.

10. Heejun Han – “My Life”

This was among the most controversial performance with a part of people adoring it and part of them just ignoring it. However, Heejun gave his full energy to it; especially his bit with the piano was well appreciated.