Top 10 Most Popular Careers For 2012

Top 10 Most Popular Careers For 2012 1

It is very important for every individual to make the right career choice as his whole life is dependent on it. In today’s world there is a wide array of career choices available to an individual, so you can easily choose the one what suits your skills and interests.

Unlike last few years, the job situation this year is more optimistic. A good career is one which gives you a decent amount of satisfaction in terms of paycheck, quality of workplace, working environment, lifestyle as well as recognition. Also, the technological development has opened plenty of new career opportunities.

Following is the list of Top 10 most popular careers for 2012.

10. Network Systems Analysts

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We all are living in an era which is marked by information technology. The development and spread of IT has led to increase in the demand of network systems analysts. These individuals solve or troubleshoot all the problems reading the networked computer technology and also help in installation as well as maintenance of the communication network.

9. Robotics

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Robots have become a common sight these days as they are being used in almost every industry in some form or the other. This has prompted the manufacturers to hire more manpower which specialize in robotics and their mechanism.

8. Sports Analyst

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Being sports analyst is fun not only because you are paid well but also it keeps yourself involved in an active sport. Irrespective of whether you become a commentator or a sports column writer, you will definitely going to enjoy the work besides gaining recognition of sports lovers.

7. Software Engineers

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Due to the soaring demand of IT solutions, software engineers are still hot in demand. Computer technology is something which is constantly evolving and this is the reason why demand of software engineers is one the rise.

6. Space Research

Our world constitutes just a small part of space and that is the reason why people want to explore what’s outside our beautiful planet. With almost all the countries investing a huge amount of money and infrastructure on space research, it has become an attractive career options for individuals.

5. Financial Advisor


Almost every business requires a financial advisor who can help them in managing their finances in a more better and efficient way. Even some individuals rely on the services of financial advisors, thereby making it a popular career choice. However, it requires you to have good knowledge of the subject and excellent mathematical skills.

4. Counselors


Hectic lifestyle, bad habits and long distance relationships often lead to depression, stress, trauma etc. Due to increase in the number of such cases throughout the world, there has been a significant increase in the demand of counseling services or counselors. Of late, it is emerging as amongst the highest paid career choice.

3. Game Developers

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If you are proficient in programming and knows various aspects of coding and animation then you must try your hands on becoming a game developer. The concept of online gaming has been popular ever since its introduction, making this career options a huge hit among individuals.

2. Biomedical Engineer

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Even though it is a lesser known field, it slowly making its mark on the corporate environment. A biomedical engineer is one who is proficient in both the medical as well as engineering sciences and helps to bridge the gap between the two. It is a vast field which consists of nanotechnology, genetic technology and bio technology etc.

1. Commercial Pilot

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If you want to travel the world and get paid for it then there is nothing better than being a commercial pilot. Even though it requires you to have a lot of skills, education and fitness, the benefits associated with this career are many.