10 Most Common Diseases In The World

No one likes to visit a doctor or a hospital. However, there are some common diseases that people face very often during their life cycle. No matter how fit you are there are high chances that you might suffer from these diseases in your lifetime.

Even though these diseases are common but you should not ignore them, if ignored, then they might have serious implications. Following is the list of Top 10 common diseases in the world that you should know.

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1. Malaria

Even though this disease is more common in developing countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East and some part of Africa and South America, many cases are reported every year from developed countries as well. This disease is caused by parasites and might prove dangerous if necessary precautions are not taken in time. The symptoms of Malaria are similar to flu and include muscles aches, fatigues, chills and fever etc.

2. Tetanus

This is a bacterial disease which affects your central nervous system. Like Diarrhea, it is not country or place specific. It is said to occur when your word gets contaminated with bacteria. Some of the most common symptoms of tetanus include spasms, stiff neck, fever, body pain. Tetanus is also called lock jaw. It’s a must that proper vaccination is done once the disease is confirmed.

3. Diarrhea

Diarrhea is common in all parts of the world. In this, your bowel movements are in abnormally liquid state. This disease usually spreads through contamination in food and water. Since it causes dehydration, you need to ensure that you take Imodium or similar substitute so as to maintain the water levels.

4. Hepatitis A&B

Both of these diseases affect the functioning of liver. Advanced cases of Hepatitis might cause death. Nausea, headaches as well as abdominal comfort are some common symptoms of these diseases. Its treatment is also long term and one has to undergo a series of vaccinations spread over a period of few months to completely cure these diseases.

5. Typhoid Fever

It affects your circulation of blood as well as infects the intestinal tract of the human body. Typhoid is very common in some parts of Asia and Africa. It is contracted by food or water containing salmonella. Some of the most common symptoms of typhoid include loss of appetite, high fever and hoarse cough.

6. Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever is another common disease that is caused by mosquito. This disease is common in tropical regions of South America as well as Southern Africa. Backaches, headaches, fever and vomiting are some common signs. As it gets to an advanced stage, gum bleeding and blood in urine might appear. You need to avoid stagnation of water in your residing area and spray mosquito killers.

7. Meningitis

This might prove to be a deadly disease if proper cure is not taken in time. It affects the circulation of blood as well as the lining of the brain with the spinal cord. Meningitis usually appears if a person comes into contact with an infected individual. Nausea, headaches, stiff neck and headaches are few symptoms of this disease.

8. Cholera

This is a bacterial disease shat targets your intestines. Found commonly in Asian and African nations, it takes lots of lives each year. Diarrhea, dehydration and vomiting are some of the common signs that appear when it occurs. You should boil your drinking water and should avoiding eating unwashed and uncooked food.

9. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Due to lack of awareness and unsafe sexual practices sexually transited diseases or STDs are becoming very common these days. Even though the number of such cases are far larger in developing counties then the developed countries, these diseases takes a lot of lives each year even in developed countries like US and UK. AIDS, genital herpes, gonorrhea are some of the common STDs.

10. Common Cold

This is a viral infection that affects the respiratory system of the patient. Sneezing, coughing and running nose are some of the common symptoms of this disease. Even though it appears mild as compared to other diseases, but you will find it very surprising that a lot of people die throughout the world because of this disease each year.

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