Top Apps Of The Month

Top Apps Of The Month 1

The two big smartphone App Stores, Google Play(formerly known as Android Market) and Apple’s App Store are now home to more than 500,000 apps each. Google Play just reached 15 billion app downloads a few days ago, while App Store which reached 25 Billion downloads. Choosing the Top apps of the month from such a big range of apps is a lot difficult. Though, after a little search, we managed to choose the top, most downloaded and most popular apps of this month.

1. Intagram


Instagram is easily the best app of this month. This app really needs no introduction. After debuting on iOS a couple of years back in October, this app came to Android on April and was an instant success with nearly 5 million downloads within the first 6 days of it’s launch. This app is the best photo editing app available with a dozen beautiful filters and it’s own network of photo sharing. It’s like a twitter for photos, where you can upload photos, and follow other people to see what they upload.

2. Google Currents

Google Currents

Perhaps to rival Flipboard, Google released a free news-reading app for Android as well as on iOS. This app has a beautiful and clean UI, and allows you to choose your own blogs for getting news, and also provides you with the function of saving it for offline reading. This app just got an update making it available internationally, consequently boosting up it’s download numbers.

Google Currents is available for free on Google Play and iTunes.

3. Touchnote


Sending online photos not enough? Well you can now send photos as real printed postcards to your friends. Touchnote allows you to send photos as printed postcards at only $1.49 / £1.49 / €1.49 per postcard(cheaper if you buy Touchnote credits). Touchnote can deliver your postcard to US, UK & Germany in 2-5 working days, but it will take a little longer for sending postcards to other countries.

Touchnote is available for free in Google Play and iTunes.

4. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google introduced it’s own cloud app this month known as Google Drive. Google totally revamped it’s old Google Docs app, introducing a new storage app with Docs integrated in it giving you a 5 GB of free cloud storage. Google Drive is just like Dropbox with double free storage, and a number of other Google services integrated, such as Google Docs.

Google Drive is available for free on Google Play, while Google is saying that iOS devices will soon be getting Google Drive.