Top 10 New Features Of Samsung Galaxy S III

Top 10 New Features Of Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung is all set to rule the Smartphone market once again with its new phone Galaxy S III. This phone is already creating a lot of buzz in the market after its launch just a few days ago.

It is equipped with a brilliant look combined with intelligent interface. The tagline of this phone says “Designed for Humans”; no wonder it reflects the intelligence of the phone. The following are the Top 10 New Features of Samsung Galaxy S III.

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1. S Voice

If you are looking for a virtual assistant, then this phone will provide one to you. Based on the similar lines of Apple’s Siri, S-Voice responds to the commands of the user. You don’t need to open and close applications, instead you need to just speak what you want and this feature will do it for you. From playing songs to writing texts to controlling applications, you can do a plethora of activities in eight different languages.

2. Social Tag

This phone has got the ability to recognize not only the user but also the family and friends. This feature matches people in photo to their profile image on the contact page. It then displays the links of their social profile as a screen overlay using the playback.

3. Pop up Play

This is an interesting feature of the phone that allows you to play video anywhere you want on your screen, thereby allowing you to work simultaneously on the phone while watching videos. You need not close the videos while replying to email and text.

4. Direct Call

If you don’t like selecting the call option again and again to make calls then this feature will definitely help you out. All you need to do is to lift your phone towards you ear and it will make call automatically.

5. S Beam

With S Beam, you can transfer files to up to 1GB to another phone, just by tapping them together. This happens because of connection made through the Near Filed Communications (NFC) and the files get delivered to the other phone over Wi-Fi. However, the only limitation with this is that the other phone needs to be Samsung Galaxy S III too.

6. Smart Stay

The level and quality of interaction between the phones and the user in this device is amazing. With this feature, the device recognizes if the user is operating the phone and thus provides a bright display. Thus you need not tap again and again to keep the screen awake.

7. AllShare Play/ Group Cast

It uses the AllShare service of Samsung to instantly share the media files between your phone and your PC, Television or your tablets irrespective of the distance that is there between the devices. With the Group Cast feature, you can share your screen among multiple users if you are on the same Wi-Fi network. This real time sharing allows them to make comments and draw the screen.

8. Smart Alert

Many times you must have come across instances when you have received missed call and messages and failed to respond to them because of ignorance. However, when there is any notification of message, calls or mails, Smart Alert makes your phone vibrates when you pick up the phone after being idle for long time and thus you will get to know about the calls or messages you missed while you was away.

9. Buddy Photo Share

It is in addition to the Social tag feature present in the Galaxy S III. It allows you to send a picture to your friend with just a tap. It uses the image from the profile of your friend’s contact page for the purpose of identification and sends the photo to the email address that is there on your phone. You can do it directly from your photo gallery or camera.

10. AllShare Cast

This is another great feature of the phone that allows the user to connect their device to a television. You can display your phone’s content onto a large display with the help of AllCast Dongle. It is very similar to Samsung’s Apple TV and Apple’s Airplay.