Top 10 Most Corrupt Nations

Top 10 Most Corrupt Nations 1

Even though corruption is present in almost all the countries in the world, it’s extremely high in some and leads to their poor economical and social conditions. This article will provide you an insight on the Top 10 most corrupt nations based on the Transparency International report.

Transparency International is a nongovernmental organization is the global civil society organisation leading the fight against corruption. It uses CPI (Corruption Perception Index) to rank the countries. This score reflects the perceived level of corruption for each country.

1. Somalia

Somalia,Somalia flag,flag Somalia

Somalia has been experiencing famine, drought as well as civil unrest since long. It is estimated that more than one third of the population of this country is dependent on aid for food. Since last 20 years, there has been no stable government in this country leading to a poor economy. Its CPI rate is highest in the world measuring 1.

2. North Korea

North Korea,North Korea flag,flag North Korea

North Korea takes the 2nd spot in our Top 10 list of least transparent countries in the world. Most of the bribes come from the refuges residing in the country. They bribe the officials for their escape. The gap margin between rich and poor is this country is exceptionally high and its CPI rating is 1.0.

3. Myanmar

Myanmar,Myanmar flag,flag Myanmar

Myanmar has given a CPI score of 1.5 to this country. Ruled by military, it’s always in the news because of military coups and scams. It also comes in the list of the poorest countries of Asia and has got high rate of HIV and crimes.

4. Afghanistan

Afghanistan flag, Afghanistan

For the past few decades the condition of Afghanistan has turned from worse to worst. Taliban has practiced authoritarian regime in this country and there is civil unrest leading to violence as well as corruption. Intense violence has shattered the economy and CPI score of this country has been given as 1.9.

5. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan,Uzbekistan flag,flag Uzbekistan

You cannot be a free person if you are in Uzbekistan. There are so many restrictions on assembly, speech, religion as well as press. It is an authoritarian state which is marred by corruption in almost every vertical. The transparency international report has given it a high CPI score of 1.6.

6. Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan,Turkmenistan flag,flag Turkmenistan

Social equality and corruption are biggest threat to this nation. The restriction on the press in this county is highest in the world and this has lead to a drastic increase in the corruption. It has a CPI score of 1.6.

7. Sudan

Sudan,Sudan flag,flag Sudan

Sudan has got almost no natural resources and is one of the poorest countries in the world. The gap between rich and poor is extremely high and the infrastructure is simply not present. Even the government officials are involved in frauds and scams. It has a CPI score of 1.6.

8. Iraq

Iraq,Iraq flag,flag Iraq

Iraq has been in a state of war since the year 2003. Even though the former dictator, Saddam Hussein was overthrown and executed and reins were transferred to a democratic Iraqi government, no major improvement in seen in this country, which has a CPI score of 1.8. The political instability has lead to poor economy and widespread corruption.

9. Haiti

Haiti,Haiti flag,flag Haiti

Haiti has been suffering from slavery since quite some time. Ever since the forced ousting of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in 20004, the country’s economic and social stability took a hit. The CPI score of Haiti is 1.8.

10. Venezuela

Venezuela,Venezuela flag,flag Venezuela

Even after discovery of sizeable petroleum reserves in recent years, the economic unstability of Venezuela is increasing. However, worst human right conditions and corruption are a hindrance to its developments. The CPI score is 1.9.