Some Must Have Gadgets For Cars

Some Must Have Gadgets For Cars

Any car which does the basics well is well worth buying, and many motorists are happy with that, especially if it passes a vehicle check with Auto Trader. However, to make driving easier and more exciting, a number of top gadgets have come onto the market, with many of them simplifying driving or making it more entertaining.

Some of the best car gadgets work well in all cars, whether they’re brand new of the subject of used car reviews. Some gadgets for cars are surprisingly old, while others are relatively new, but they’re often taken for granted by those who own them. One item which firmly falls into this category is the portable vacuum cleaner, which helps to keep cars looking clean. Any dust, lint or dirt left in the car by messy passengers and drivers can be sucked up in an instant, but if, for example, you want to sell your car, it would be hard to get the interior looking pristine without one.

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A recent innovation, the satnav (satellite navigation system) has changed the way people get around. No longer do people have to rely on a battered road atlas to follow a route, as satnavs can guide you in the right direction to a destination you’re not familiar with. While some satnavs may be expensive, they help to make sure you don’t get lost.

If you’re sick of what’s on the car radio and want to play your own music, then you can buy a dock for an MP3 player or even an iPod cradle. This means that you’re not having to carry around a lot of CDs in your glovebox, and you can charge it while it’s being used, which is an added bonus. On a similar note, some car radios can be connected to your phone if you want to take a call while on the move.

Somewhat cheaper but no less useful, every car needs a torch in case of an emergency. If your car suddenly breaks down in the dark while on your way from a meeting or family gathering, you’ll need a torch to find your way around. Rechargeable LED torches are available for less than £15 each, and they can be charged using the cigarette lighter socket in your car.