Should You Buy An e-Reader?

Should You Buy An e-Reader?

E-readers and ebooks are becoming increasingly popular – you may be noticing advertisements for them everywhere. But also, you may still be questioning whether reading ebooks on an e-reader is for you or not.

Firstly, what is an e-reader? An e-reader is essentially an electronic device that allows you to store, organise and of course read ebooks. Ebooks are placed on an e-reader just like a file is placed on your PC, and it can be downloaded straight from a website onto your e-reading device.

Along with e-readers, it feels like there are numerous references to ebooks. An ebook is short for an electronic book; it is a publication of a book that comes in a digital form. They are easily available online, they are usually significantly cheaper than their physical equivalents and in some cases you can get free ebooks. Also there are numerous platforms where you can read ebooks without an e-reader, for example on your PC, tablet or iPad.


But why choose to get an e-reader?

Do you like reading whilst you’re out and about, or curled up on the sofa or in bed? Are you an avid reader and have amassed a huge collection of books that you don’t really have room for but can’t bear to be apart from? If this is the case, then an e-reader will probably be good for you!

Whilst e-readers can seem expensive at first, try to keep in mind that you will ultimately be saving a lot of money by not having to buy full price paper books. Another good reason for buying an e-reader is that sometimes books can be quite heavy and bulky to carry. The Unlimited Power ebook by Anthony Robbins is so much easier to carry back and forth with you on the tube than if you had its paper version, which is bloody heavy!

Or for those who like reading series, we all know how annoying it can be when you finish one book of the series, and can’t wait to read what happens next but you have to wait until you can visit a bookstore or wait for it to be delivered from an online store. I recently read A Game of Thrones ebook with an e-reader and as soon as I finished the book I could start reading the next one in a matter of seconds!