Gemballa Introduces Real Diamond Finish For Cars

Gemballa Introduces Real Diamond Finish For Cars

Gold-plated cars not enough to fill your taste for extra-luxurious cars? Well, you are in luck, as Gemballa has introduced a new automotive finish to cover cars with real Diamonds.

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Gemballa uses a special trick for this, in which the diamonds are grinded to a size so small that they can be applied to a car as a paint — which also increases the refractive qualities of the shine of the diamonds because of thousands of reflecting diamond facets.

The company claims that it is the first company ever to use the actual diamonds, while the other companies use reflective ingredients like metal pigments, glass fragments or crystals for making diamond-coated cars.

Gemballa has not disclosed any information about the pricing, nor have they given a release date, but be assured, it will cost you millions of dollars. So you better look elsewhere unless you are a Millionaire.