New Facebook Timeline Design Already In The Works? [Screenshots]

New Facebook Timeline Design Already In The Works? [Screenshots] 1

Facebook has a reputation for implementing new features every now and then, without caring about the love or hate it receives from over 800 Million users. Just recently, Facebook rolled out it’s new profile , known as timeline, which was completely revamped and contained all the information about the user on a single page from the beginning of that user’s life on Facebook to the most recent activity.

And now we are hearing news about a re-designed Timeline being already in the works.

Facebook,Facebook logo,logo Facebook

According to a screenshot which leaked to the web through Talking Points Memo on Tuesday morning, Facebook is now looking to try for a new lightly tweaked Timeline.

The major differences appearing in this image is the thumbnails on the top, beside the profile picture. The thumbnails appear to be redesigned as well as rearranged. Beside that, there is an addition of a new thumbnail entitled “Summary” which appears to be showing your “10 Life Events”.

Another thing we have noticed is that your info seems to be appearing as a transparent info box overlapping on your cover picture, thereby giving a clean and nice look. You can have a look at the new timeline vs the old timeline below,

The old timeline,

Facebook Timeline,Facebook old Timeline

And the redesigned timeline,

Facebook Timeline,Facebook new Timeline

As far as we are concerned, we think that the new Timeline design by Facebook are not in any way substantial. What do you think?