Most Common Mistakes Not To Make At Your Job Interview

Most Common Mistakes Not To Make At Your Job Interview 1

Job interviews are the most crucial times in your lives, apart from exams. The times when you have to be confident despite being extremely nervous. A lot of people, although being completely competent, loose the chance of a perfect jobs because of stupid mistakes cause by nervous attitude. We have set up a list of the most common mistakes which you shouldn’t make on your job interview:

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1. Not Dresseed Properly

Dressing properly is the first and best way to convince an interviewer that you’re the right person for the job. Otherwise, if you are not dressed decently, he can take judgement on the first look and that’s the end of your hopes for a job even if you’re the elite.

2. Not Confident Enough

Don’t appear to be under confident or too modest. The interviewer will surely look for another person, if you can not convince him that you are capable for doing the job you are applying for. Try to keep an eye-contact with the interviewer and answer smartly.

3. No Online Portfolio

In this modern world, if you’re not online, than you probably don’t belong in this fast-paced electronic world. So better make your online portfolio on, Twitter and Linked-In for example, before going to the interview. The company you are applying for, will surely search(Google) you to see what comes up.

4. No Special Skills In The Field You’re Applying For

In a world full of educated people, you probably aren’t the best one even if you get an A+ grade. You gotta have some skills in the field you are applying to get job for.

5. Body Language

The interviewer pays equal attention to how you answer as well as what you answer. So you gotta make sure that your body is keeping up with what you’re doing.

  • Make hand movements with your answer, though don’t move your hands too much.
  • Don’t rest your head on your hands, and don’t play with your hair.
  • Keep a smile on your face.
  • Don’t cross your arms.

6. Non-Verbal Mistakes

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