Intel Launches 3rd Generation Quad-Core Ivy Bridge Processors — Double The Power Of Previous Generation

Intel Launches 3rd Generation Quad-Core Ivy Bridge Processors — Double The Power Of Previous Generation

Intel, the current king manufacturer of PC processors, is certainly looking to take over the whole PC family with it’s latest 3rd Generation Quad-Core processors. On first look, these processors look lightning fast and can deliver outstanding graphics, while multi-tasking on these beasts  a breeze. Keep reading to find out more about what the new generation of processors can do.

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There’s no question that these are way better than the previous generation of PC processors. These qaud-cores in these processors can easily give double the performance in HD, so that using the computer is not only quick and crisp, but more real. Couple that with Intel’s 3D tri-gate transistor technology and you’ve certainly got no competition for it.

We don’t know yet about the affect these power-hungry processors will have on the batteries, but we are sure that Intel will have thought about it.

These processors will also come with Intel® HD Graphic 4000, capable of delivering the ultimate visual experience combined with 2 times better 3D graphics performance. So you’ve certainly got no worry to play the graphically-intense games like Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3.

For those who want a bit of detail, Intel®  HD Graphics 4000 is compatible with Microsoft* DirectX 11, OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL1.1.
Intel has also upgraded the video-converting technology in it’s 3rd Generation processors with Intel® Quick Sync Video 2.0, speeding up the video conversion up to two times. That’s definitely a great improvement, as uploading/downloading online videos is becoming a trend nowadays.

These power hubs are going to be included in the upcoming wave of Ultrabooks, along with other systems such as servers, intelligent systems in retail, healthcare and other industries, starting this month. While those who want to upgrade their Desktops to the 3rd Gen, boxed versions of these will  be made available this month from online, retail and channel resellers.

So start saving your money for the latest generation of processors from the tech giant, Intel, because these power-houses will certainly cost a lot!