How to Create Custom Ringtones for iPhone

How to Create Custom Ringtones for iPhone 1

You like a song and you want to cut a part of it to set as your iPhone’s ringtone. But the question arises: How to do it?

While you might find infinite software and websites on Google that claim to offer you customization option for ringtones, you’ll find that at least 3/4th of them are useless. Reasons could be plenty behind it. Such software that you’ll come across would be demo versions, and you know the hassles related to any demo version of a software.

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Furthermore, the websites that claim to offer such service might require you to follow a lengthy registration procedure first, or might ask you to sign up at a few sites before you can start. Some other might offer customization of ringtones but might not enable you to convert them in your desired format extension. And the biggest issue that you’ll find with most of the website-paid customization service.

Thus, how do you get over such issues? Melofania is the answer. offers free customization by allowing you to create ringtones online without any such hassle mentioned above. What makes this website more useful is the fact that you don’t need to download any software and install it. All you need to do is open this website and follow a simple 6-step guide. The guide helps new users to customize ringtones effectively without any problem.

Step 1: Open and look for images on the upper side of the page. Out of the 3, you need to click on “Upload” whose icon is of a musician note.

Ringtones for Iphone, Melofania, How to Create Custom Ringtones for iphone

Step 2: A window will popup immediately asking you to browse the file that you want to convert.

Step 3: As soon as the file is selected, the uploading procedure starts automatically. This is known as uploading of waveform (web supported format).

Ringtones for Iphone, Melofania, How to Create Custom Ringtones for iphone

Step 4: When the uploading part is done, you will see a page that will display the uploaded song in waveform. From there on, you can select the portion of the song that you wish to customize in a ringtone. After you highlight, just click on “Create ringtone” option present there.

Step 5. you will be asked to mention a title and artist name of that customized song. Fill those boxes and click on “Get ringtone”.

Ringtones for Iphone, Melofania, How to Create Custom Ringtones for iphone

Step 6: The website then redirects you to a new page where you can preview the customized portion that you converted. There will be two options present there, “Mobile phone (mp3) and iPhone (m4r)”.

iPhone users need to click on the latter option because iPhone supports only .m4r format audio files. Rest of the users can click on “Mobile phone”. From there, you can download and save the file.

Melofania allows customization of a song for maximum 30 seconds. However, the same can be shortened as well. The only negative aspect related to this site is it converts or customizes only mp3 extension files. One cannot customize songs with any other file extension. But, that is no big issue as 90% of the songs that people look to customize are mp3 files only.

With such convenience and top-notch service on offer, you just can’t overlook Melofania the next time you look to customize a song for your mobile phone.