Get Your Whole Desktop In One Piece With “Dell XPS One 27” With Ivy Bridge Processors

Get Your Whole Desktop In One Piece With

Most people are now switching to Ultrabooks for heavy business use because of their portability and power, but still it’s never enough for some of the heavy-users. So for them, Dell is bringing back it’s old “All-in-One” XPS lineup with the new XPS One 27.

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Dell XPS One 27  is aimed towards home entertainment consumption, as well as heavy professional work. It’s all in one capability will help reduce clutter around your office/home, while giving ultimate performance in terms of specs, with Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge processors, which are easily the best in the market currently.

Specs wise, the Dell XPS One 27 is a very healthy one, with a 27 inch screen as the name indicates and a resolution of 2560×1440 screen. The processor is Intel’s latest Ivy Bridge with a choice of i5 or i7. There is a 2 terabyte HDD and 4GB RAM (expandable to 16GB). You can also opt for  Blu-ray, NVIDIA GeForce 640M graphics, and additional 32 GB SSD if you like.

As with most of the Dell products, the build quality is solid so you would quite like the soft rounded-edges black facade, and silver base. But still it is running Windows 7 — if you’re interested in Windows 8 then you should better wait for a while. Otherwise, this is the best choice for you if you’re looking for a clutter-free desktop environment.

Dell XPS One 27 costs a hefty $1300, and is coming to the U.S. very soon.