Cellhelmet: Breaking Your iPhone In This Case Will Get You Another iPhone For Free

Cellhelmet: Breaking Your iPhone In This Case Will Get You Another iPhone For Free

Apple’s products have an excellent reputation for having the best build quality all around, and the iPhone is no exception to it. The only down side for having such feature-laden phone is the damage factor. The iPhone’s backs is glass shielded and is more prone to get damaged than other plastic/metal phones, and as a reply to this, many companies have popped up with their own protective iPhone cases.

Cellhelmet is a protective iPhone case manufactured by Cellpig, which not only gives your iPhone a protective covering, but the company also guarantee of providing you with another iPhone if your iPhone breaks – if the old one in unrepairable.

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This case, beside being extremely protective, still doesn’t add a whole lot of bulk like some of the other protective cases available in the market. It uses dense polyurethane rubber along with angled edges for drop-shock displacement to protect your precious iPhone.

Here is what the CEO of Cellhelmet, Mike Kane has to say,

Originally, we wanted to create the most ‘indestructible’ case on the market. But, as we developed our designs, we realized that we were basically recreating something that can already be found on every shelf – a big and bulky case, which wouldn’t fit comfortably in a pocket. That idea went out the door real quick. At this point, a light went on and we thought, ‘Why don’t we design a case that is slim and sleek, with moderate protection, but get a company to back the product, saying that if the iPhone breaks inside, it will be repaired or replaced?’ Bingo – we went with it.

Cellhelmet says that if your phone breaks while in the case, then the company will provide you with another iPhone for a $50 handling fee, either it be iPhone 4, 4S, etc. Nor does it matter if your iPhone is jailbroken. You will receive an iPhone replacement within 3 days of submitting the receipt.

Worried about your beautiful iPhone? This might be the best opportunity you might get to ensure that even if you break it somehow, you’ll still get a new one.


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