People on Facebook can be dumber than you think, posting statuses and pics online without caring about the privacy. But you seriously have to be extremely stupid to do what this 17-year old Australian girl has done, landing her in a lot of trouble with some nasty robbers.

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The girl posted a picture of herself with a big pile of money beside her on Facebook (probably for showing off). But what she got in return was not only some likes on her pic, but also some robbers who broke into her house some hours later, demanding her the money from her.

Luckily for girl, she had posted the image from a different location, so all the robbers managed to loot was a small sum of money and some personal belongings and left without injuring someone.

If you still think that showing off on Facebook with a pile of cash is a good thing, than just ensure that you don’t show off from your own house, or you might no be so lucky as that girl.

[via The Verge]