Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows 7 / Vista / XP Now Available – Download Now

Have you been hearing alot about the metro styled new OS from Microsoft? Yes, the Windows 8, and are you anxious to try it out but don’t want to go over the fuss of installing the consumer preview version? Well then worry no more because now you can just skin your old windows to feel and look like windows 8 with out ever installing the customer preview and its simple too.

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Using the Windows 8 Transformation and UX pack 4.0 you can turn any version of the windows starting from XP and up into windows 8 look alike while the UX pack is only for use with Windows 7.

According to the developers, both packs have the same version number as to avoid confusion but to make things clear the UX pack does not modify any system files to bring you the metro styled UI on your old windows but it will only work on Win 7, while the transformation pack has been rendered more reliable and bug free with the help of user feed back that has brought-in some much needed improvements.

windows 7,windows 8 metro ui,windows 8 metro ui,windows 8 transformation pack,windows 8

To better mimic the new UI the 4.0 version finally uses the Windows 8 Segoe UI font and includes all of the desktop wallpapers, pictures of guest and user accounts from the consumer preview. For those who couldn’t get around working with the immersive UI, charms bars have also been added as an alternate.

I would recommend these two great skinning apps for those who want to get the taste of this new metro UI without going over the trouble of installing the preview at the same time I would caution novice users to go ahead only if they know what they are doing because it may effect system performance and might not be all that easy to uninstall.

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Download Windows 8 Transformation pack.