Some New And Upcoming Programming Languages

Some New And Upcoming Programming Languages

Knowledge in computer science keep on changing by the minute and there is always something new rising to the scene. Knowing the difference between what’s going to stay and which technology will become a part of history pages matters alot especially when it comes to programming languages.

There are many new languages emerging claiming to be the next big thing like C++ and Java, but which ones should we care to know about? How do we know which one is here to stay?

Well, the answer is not that simple it all depends on the kind of backing that language has and how many vendors and developers are behind it. The most important stakeholder is the creator, if it is a major player in the industry then chances are that language isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Here we have a few upcoming languages that you might want to know about.

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Dart: Dart comes from the industry giant Google as a replacement to JavaScript. It is a class based language that is supposed to make it easier to maintain, debug and develop Web Applications. The key advantage is its syntax’s similarity to that of JavaScript that makes it easier to learn and grasp. This easy developmental approach of Dart comes in quite handy when it comes to maintaining and developing complex, large and unmanageable Web Applications. Google aims to make it portable to all platforms that use the Web such as tablets, laptops, smartphones and all major web browsers.

F#: pronounced ‘F sharp’ is somewhat an older language as compared to others because Microsoft first shipped it with Visual Studio 2010. It has been designed with the goal of achieving easy integration with some old imperative languages such as C++ and Java with the help of its functional-style. Parallel programming is one of the more important qualities it possesses as the need to exploit multi-core hardware becomes urgent by the hour.

Fantom: This language is designed with the sole objective of enabling cross-platform development crossing JVM, .NET CLR and JavaScript in browsers although its creators say its easy to get a language to run on both Java and .NET the difficult part is to get portable API’s. This is where Fantom comes in with a set of APIs that abstract away the Java and .NET APIs.