Top 10 Strangest Hobbies In The World

Top 10 Strangest Hobbies In The World 1

Developing hobbies is an interesting way to spend leisure time. Most people have hobbies that we have heard about. Some of these we have ourselves. But then there are few people who have hobbies which are strangest in more than one way. To find out how strange here is the list of Top 10 strangest hobbies in the world.

10.  Mooing


People have been known to make animal sounds, just to make others laugh or show that they have an acute talent of imitating different sounds. But in Wisconsin, the American state known for its agricultural products and farming, there is a celebrated competition to make sounds of a cow. People participate in it at district and then state level to compete against each other. The one who makes closest sound resembling a cow wins the competition. There are set prizes for winning too. So much just for the love of cows and mooing.

9.  Competitive Dog Grooming

Competitive Dog Grooming

Love for dogs is something that Americans are positively known for. But they like to also play around a little in strange ways with their pet dogs by entering them in dog grooming competitions. Apparently, there is a whole subculture of this in America and also in China. People groom their dogs as ninja turtles, dragons, pandas, tigers, etc., basically whatever suits their creative instincts. It is unclear what dog-rights or animals’ rights societies have to say on this, but this whole hobby by loads of people does seem a little unfriendly to animals.

8.  Milk Bottle Collection

Milk Bottle Collection

People have been known to collect strangest things imaginable and even unimaginable. Collecting milk bottles is also something that people are passionate about. They are not as fond of drinking milk as they are of colleting the vials, bottles and containers they come in. They collect milk bottles for years and from different companies and different places. They even build up a separate place to put them together as a collection.

7.  Soap Carving

Soap Carving

A lot of people like carving things, sometimes on woods and sometimes on soaps, besides other things. Soap carving is a definite hobby that a lot of people are passionate about. They make different shapes, sculptures and models out of commercial soaps. The brand or type is not so important when choosing a soap for carving, but just that it has to be a soap which would make into a beautiful imaginative piece. There are skilled techniques required to actually carve a soap with special tools. It is not just about picking up simply a sharp object like a knife, for example, and to carve things out of soaps. Most of the soap carvers are said to practice on different fruits before going on to soaps.

6.  Tape Art

Tape Art

Cassette tapes are almost extinct commercially as new records are released on iTunes or on CDs. Creative minds work to make new things out of old ones. There is a hobby for making art out of cassette tapes, more so from their reels. Magnetic tapes are taken from inside the casing and then used to make portraits or other figures. There have been created many interesting portraits of famous people through magnetic tapes.

5.  Trainspotting


People have also been passionate about trains, not just from the perspective of a travelling experience, but also for the trains themselves. A strange hobby regarding trains is that of trainspotters who watch for different trains standing on platforms. They write down the numbers of the trains, try to spot specific types of trains, track trains from certain regions, or just follow a train by one company or another. For sure, there must be a thrill in spotting trains to develop it as a hobby.

4.  Hikaru Dorodango

Hikaru Dorodango

Hikaru Dorodango or polishing dirt is an actual hobby. People take a ball of mud, then dry it from moisture and coat it with finer grains of soil. Then by hand, they continue to polish the mud ball until it becomes a glossy sphere. It is an artistic and creative hobby and requires a lot of dedication and time as with any other hobby. But this one is just really amazing and possible. One can make a glossy sphere from a ball of mud just by bare two hands.

3. Collecting Ecstasy Pills

Collecting Ecstasy Pills

Possession of illegal drugs can get people in jail, but there is a Dutch man who is not afraid to collect ecstasy pills. He had spent over two decades collecting various ecstasy pills of different colours and shapes. He managed to collect around 2,400 pills, but unfortunately, his collection was stolen in 2009. He reported the theft so that anyone who has them should know that about 40 of those pills are actually poisonous.

2. Tattooing Vehicles

Tattooing Vehicles

For some people collecting different tattoos on one’s body is a hobby, but for a Taiwanese pension named Li Zongxiong, he likes to tattoo his vehicles. He seems to be religious passionate about it as he tattoos Buddhist texts on all four of the vehicles he owns. Now he has been tattooing his vehicles since 1999. Being owner of these vehicles, he has a right to do whatever he wants to with them. But he has reportedly gotten into trouble several times as people thought he was spoiling others’ vehicles. Now his family has requested him not to indulge in this hobby anymore. But he insists like any hobbyist. Apparently there are more people like him.

1. Suing


Jonathan Lee Riches has made a world record of suing filing the most number of lawsuits than any other person on the planet, that too from a federal prison in Kentucky, where he has been incarcerated since 2000. He was disappointed in the Guinness Book of World Records too that he filed a lawsuit against them. He has been diagnosed with mental illness. Since he does not has any personal revenge to take against a person he knows, he has filed lawsuits against George W. Bush, Somali pirates, Britney Spears, Martha Stewart and New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. As if living humans were out of his bound, he targeted lawsuits against Plato, Nostradamus, James Hoffa, the Lincoln Memorial, the Eiffel Tower, Three Mile Island, the President of Iran and the butter substitute I Can’t Believe Its’ Not Butter. One hopes that prison-managers give him a better work to do than file lawsuits as a hobby.