Top 10 Most Luxurious Aircraft Interiors

Top 10 Most Luxurious Aircraft Interiors 1

Travelling by airplanes has become a must these days. With number of passengers increasing every year, not only there are more airliners’ companies opening up, but aircraft manufacturing companies are also making sure to let passengers have a comfortable and luxurious travelling experience. Due to this reason, each year constantly new plans for further development of luxurious interiors are planned and ordered. The interiors of aircraft are not just getting cosier but also hi-tech. Here is a list of top ten most luxurious aircraft interiors. Those who would like to travel ‘big’, can consider these:

10. Strato Cruiser Airship

Strato Cruiser Airship,Strato Cruiser Airship interior

Strato Cruiser Airship is still under development and it will have a gourmet restaurant, spa, swimming pool, resident DJ, library and private mini-offices. These are just some of the features that it will have. The basic idea behind its design is to combine an experience of a luxury cruise with a futuristic vision of space travel. To make the travellers have a comfortable and healthy experience while travelling on the cruiser, there is a health trainer and fitness expert that will make passengers have an energetic experience.

9. Aeroscraft ML866 Aircraft

Aeroscraft ML866 Aircraft,Aeroscraft ML866 Aircraft interior

The Aeroscraft model ML866 is a 20-ton hybrid airship that is being built by the Worldwide Aeros Corporation. Its technology is based on DARPA WALRUS HULA airship, which has been cancelled. It is shaped like a whale and can be compared to a huge superyatch. It is spacious with almost the size of a football field. It is 3000 miles long and can reach a speed of 138 mph (222 km/h).It can take vertical flight. There is an in-built airport inside it, which has a cabin space of over 5,000 sq ft. It also has an automated office, video conferencing facility, a sophisticated communication package, transformable interior, personal state room and a physical conference space.

8. Etihad Airline’s Diamond Seat

Etihad Airline’s Diamond Seat,Etihad Diamond Seat,Etihad Airline’s Diamond Seat interior

The first class in Etihad Airline is known as the Diamond First Class and it has been awarded as ‘World’s Best First Class’ by the Skytrax awards for consecutively two years. It was based on votes casted by 18 million passengers worldwide. Since March 2012, every Diamond First Class passenger on Etihad will have an on board chef and a food service called the Mezoon Grille. The unique aspect of this First class is its First Class Suite which has a rotational Poltrona Frau leather seat, which can be converted into a fully flat bed, a large wood-finished table, and Arabic-styled sliding doors to keep privacy and also built-in massage facility. Besides this, there is 23-inch personal entertainment screen, a personal wardrobe with mirror, personal minibar, and four individual lighting options with dimmers, in-seat power points and USBs.

7. Gulfstream G550

Gulfstream G550,Gulfstream G550 interior

The Gulfstream G550 is a variant of the Gulfstream V, which was introduced in 2003 and has a reduced aerodynamic drag. It has the longest flight range in its class and has a PlaneView cockpit, which has a 4 Honeywell DU-1310 EFIS screens, a Gulfstream-designed cursor control system, and an Enhanced Vision System (EVS), which is an infrared camera. Only 14 passengers can sit in the aircraft, which is equipped with a conference table and has an internet access.

6. Airbus A350 with BMW Interiors

Airbus A350 with BMW Interiors,Airbus A350 with BMW

The Airbus A350 is a long-range, wide-body jet airliners, which is being manufactured by Airbus. It has fuselage and wing structures made primarily of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer. It can carry 270 to 350 passengers. It claims to be fuel-efficient with 8% less operating cost than the Boeing 787. It will start its commercial services for airlines like Qatar Airways from 2014. Airbus A350 is also collaborating with BMW, which will provide for its luxury interiors. The cabins are planned to be spacious and will have a redesigned overhead bin with an ultra-luxury cabin.