Top 10 Google Chrome Themes – 2012

Top 10 Google Chrome Themes – 2012 1

In a bid to compete with browsers with comparable market share, addons and customization schemes are released which enhance the appearance and user experience of Google Chrome. One such feature is changing the overall theme of the browser by installing add-ons and themes that adds more appeal.

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If you are bit fed up of your default browser appearance, you might consider these amazing themes which change the visuals.  These themes can be on any subject be it sport, landscape, war, peace, love, countries, celebrities etc. There are thousands of themes available for you to download for FREE. However the Top 10 Google Chrome themes are:

1. Google Science Fair 2012

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This simple, sober and white background theme is a hit among chrome users. This theme promotes the Google Science Fair 2012 which is hosted by Google along with partnership from Lego, National Geographic and CERN. Even if you are not a science or technology freak, you will definitely love it. (Download Link)

2. Classic

Classic google chrome theme,Classic theme chrome, Classic theme google chrome,google chrome theme Classic,Classic chrome theme,chrome theme Classic

It is said that “Old is Gold” and this saying holds true for this theme. It is one of the most downloaded and popular theme despite its simplicity. The white background along with shades of blue is something which you will surely like. (Download Link)

3. Star Grazer

Star Grazer google chrome theme,Star Grazer theme chrome, Star Grazer theme google chrome,google chrome theme Star Grazer,Star Grazer chrome theme,chrome theme Star Grazer

Some of you might complain that there is difficulty in reading the text in this theme. However, the graphics are really impressive. The new look of Google Chrome logo looks amazing and the theme is really soothing to the eyes. (Download Link)

4. Color Chips

Color Chips google chrome theme,Color Chips theme chrome, Color Chips theme google chrome,google chrome theme Color Chips,Color Chips chrome theme,chrome theme Color Chips

If you love colors then you must download this theme. The beautiful color patterns will remind you of fruit strip gums. You will find your screen filled with several shades of blue, pink, purple and many other colors. (Download Link)

5. Baseball

Baseball google chrome theme,Baseball theme chrome, Baseball theme google chrome,google chrome theme Baseball,Baseball chrome theme,chrome theme Baseball

It resembles a baseball pitch which is half covered by green grass and rest by the earthy running pitch. Even the color of every alternate tab differs. It’s a fun theme for sports lovers. (Download Link)

6. Glow

Glow google chrome theme,Glow theme chrome, Glow theme google chrome,google chrome theme Glow,Glow chrome theme,chrome theme Glow

This black colored theme has got neon like colors on the top of the theme. It provides you with better readability of the content and maintains the appealing look of the browser at the same time. The colorful icons look even better in black outline. (Download Link)

7. Earthy

Earthy google chrome theme,Earthy theme chrome, Earthy theme google chrome,google chrome theme Earthy,Earthy chrome theme,chrome theme Earthy

It resembles the color of earth. For some people theme is all about simplicity, and this theme is a must have for people are looking for simple and classy themes. The colors are nice and gradient is just perfect. It is ideal for people who don’t love loud patterns and pictures in themes. (Download Link)

8. Glossy Blue

Glossy Blue google chrome theme,Glossy Blue theme chrome, Glossy Blue theme google chrome,google chrome theme Glossy Blue,Glossy Blue chrome theme,chrome theme Glossy Blue

This typical theme is not only for admirers of blue color, but is recommended for all. This is not as bright as Gradient, but still the dark color looks nice on the screen. It’s calm and soothing. (Download Link)

9. Legal pad

Legal pad google chrome theme,Legal pad theme chrome, Legal pad theme google chrome,google chrome theme legal pad,Legal pad chrome theme,chrome theme Legal pad

It’s too yellow and resembles like a pad. You might not be able to read text clearly in this theme, but it still look nicer and arranged than some other themes. Its brightness is what makes it stand out among the rest. (Download Link)

10. Marble

Marble google chrome theme,marble theme chrome, marble theme google chrome,google chrome theme marble,marble chrome theme,chrome theme marble

It is based on the smartness, beauty as well as elegance of marbles. This smooth beauty is a hit among the chrome users. It looks pretty much like flooring that you see every day. The off white background with shades of black looks really calm and smooth. (Download Link)