This Is How Apple iPads Are Made [VIDEO]

This Is How Apple iPads Are Made [VIDEO]

We have heard much about the factories where Apple has outsourced its manufacturing of iPads and other iDevices. What we have heard so far isn’t good with reports of suicides, bad working conditions, incomparably low wages, unfair treatment with workers etc.

Rob Schmitz the Shanghai Bureau Chief of American Public Media’s Marketplace has recently visited the Longhua facility and recorded some great visuals for us to see the assembly line and working conditions in which an iPad is assembled.

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Obviously he wasn’t allowed to roam freely and alone that’s why there was a tour guide alongside him but still he managed to talk to many workers and even the tour guide who happens to be the special assistant to Foxconn CEO Terry Gou.

When he told workers what the American media thought about the working conditions inside the factory they laughed and commented that it was not that bad working in the plant, but they had complaints of unfair treatment from all of their immediate supervisors and discrepancies in payroll.

All in all the video neither glorifies the plant nor does it incite inflammatory feelings and shows visuals of a large group of Chinese citizens lining up for jobs at the factory. It shows most part of an iPad assembly is performed by hand and only a minimal amount of robots are employed.