Latest Android Malware Can Remotely Gain Root Access

Latest Android Malware Can Remotely Gain Root Access

Seems like things are not going good for Android in terms of security threats these days. Lookout Mobile Security learned that a new strain of the ‘Legacy Native’ (LeNa) malware that first appeared last fall has struck once again and this time its even more dangerous. The newer version of the malware is capable of remotely gaining root access in all Android enabled devices.

The previous strain of this malware pretended to be an authentic application and required user interaction to infiltrate the device by installing a native binary file in a concealed manner. Once inside the malware could gather all sorts of information although the threat didn’t create much of a fuss at the time but it did appear in the old Android market at multiple instances.

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The new strain is even more cunning, it makes use of an exploit known as Ginger break to acquire root access of an Android device. The interesting part is it conceals its payload just beyond the End of Image marker of any usual JPEG image and then starts communication with a remote control and command server without the user ever suspecting it to launch packages right under his nose, rendering the device into a rooted device.

The strain has chosen the latest instalment of Rovio’s ‘Angry Birds Space‘ as its current disguise but users need not worry too much as it has not yet reached the Google Play store. Although users cannot take a complete sigh of relief because the danger of an imminent threat lurks around and should be careful as to using apps downloaded from alternative markets.