How To Backup Your Instagram Photos Before Facebook Takes Over

How To Backup Your Instagram Photos Before Facebook Takes Over

Users of the Instagram have been left in a state of dilemma by Facebook after acquiring the app for $1 billion. Users are uncertain as to what will be the fate of their photos and the app itself, although Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has promised to keep instagram as an independent app — nothing can be said for sure about the changes it might bring. Not only this, but the acquiring network’s own reputation regarding privacy issues related to user data makes matters worse for Instagram users.

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With all this going on, Instagram users have already started to look for ways by which they can easily and instantly backup all their photos that are currently present on the service. Thankfully there is an elegant and easy to use solution to this problem that can be achieved by visiting a website, providing Instagram credentials and downloading all the photos of your choice.

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The website to visit is Instaport, that allows you to download the entire stream of photos or pictures based on a criteria of selection such as date ranges or tags used. Using Instaport can’t get any easier , you just have to visit the site, provide your instagram credentials and once logged in you can choose between a variety of ways to download the pictures. Users can also download pictures belonging to other people that they may have liked.

Once the selection is made, Instaport lets you download all of them in a handy zip file. Hence it serves as a great, free, web app that lets you backup all of your photos following some easy, simple steps.