Add DSLR-Like Focus Effects To Photos With AfterFocus For Android — Download Now

All you photo lovers and aficionados we have got something special for you and being a picture taking enthusiast myself I know that all of you will just love this great app.

Every day we take pictures with our smartphones and tablets but fail to get a focus blurring effect (that just makes a picture awesome) — like the one found in pictures taken with a DSLR camera.

AfterFocus by motionOne,motionone AfterFocus,AfterFocus android,android AfterFocus

Thanks to MotionOne, that focus effect in our daily pictures is not a problem anymore. They have developed an app with features that can come in handy for all those who understand even a little about focus in a photo. The ‘AfterFocus’ app lets you add that cool focus blurred background effect that can be seen in pictures taken via DSLR.

All you have to do is to select an area of focus, set some options, add a filter or two and voila!! You have a dazzling picture with that lustful natural looking effect.

AfterFocus by motionOne,motionone AfterFocus,AfterFocus android,android AfterFocus

The feature requires you to draw some lines differentiating between the background and the focus area, from there on, the app automatically picks up the correct area of focus. Thus it all depends on you, how smartly and precisely you set the focus point to achieve a professional looking final shot. It also lets you instantly share your masterpiece with your friends and family too with its own social plugin.

AfterFocus by motionOne,motionone AfterFocus,AfterFocus android,android AfterFocus

The best thing of all is the app is totally FREE, but there is also another pro version which offers a greater amount of in-app intelligence with a ‘double photo’ feature which lets you take two pictures of the same object with slight variation in lens angle and after analysing both the images it recognizes the nearest object itself, eliminating the need for you to enter the focus area manually.

Download AfterFocus for Android [Google Play link]

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