5 Best Document Scanner Apps For Android

5 Best Document Scanner Apps For Android 1

We all know it’s a fast moving world and everything needs to happen on the go. Hence the culture of formally scanning documents with a proper flatbed scanner has become thing of the past, now a days we tend to make do with mobile scanning using our smartphones. So why not enhance their performance and completely remove the need of going to that poor old scanner? Here we present some groovy document scanning Android apps.

1. CamScanner

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CamScanner provides you a handy tool when it comes to mobile document scanning by intelligently crop the photographed document after detecting paper edges or you can also do it manually using ultra smooth snap and drag guiding lines for fine tuning the dimensions. It also automatically performs some image enhancements for better viewing as a document such as brightness, lighting, contrast etc. but the good thing is it also keeps a copy of the original picture with it self in case you might need it latter. Keeping in mind the easy sharing options CamScanner has built-in integration of Dropbox, box.net and Google Docs as well as email access. It has both free and paid versions where the paid versions provides better PDF functionalities.



2. Document Scanner

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Document Scanner is very similar to CamScanner but it saves directly to PDF format unlike the JPEG picture format of the CamScanner. The usual set of functionalities such as crop tools and auto picture enhancements are also present in addition to Evernote integration and other such tools. There is no free version but only a 7 day trial version.



3. Droid Scan Pro PDF

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Droid Scan is same as the other apps in its basic functionality, the only difference is it takes you to the handset’s own camera interface instead of providing its own when you want to scan the document and as soon as you are finished with taking the picture the app resumes from where it left. Secondly another nice feature is that it allows you to choose if you want to save it as JPEG or PDF.



4. Scan to PDF

Scan To Pdf,Scan To Pdf app,Scan To Pdf android,Scan To Pdf android app,android Scan To Pdf

This app is particularly a winner because it offers so much for no cost at all. The interface is so easy to understand and use where users can start setting things up right from the startup page. It only lacks a decent cropping tool but the built-in intelligent auto-adjustment works great even in low light which is surprising to see in a free app although if you like the app you can encourage the developers by buying it for $1.90.


Free (Thumbs up for Devs in $1.90)

5. PDF Scanner

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PDF Scanner really means it when it says scan your documents on the go. There isn’t any fancy functionality or intelligence at work here, its a strict stripped down version of the previous apps that just provides basic functionality of scanning the document with your smartphone camera. It allows you to use the built-in flash of the camera that helps in low light especially in the absence of after processing and auto-adjustment. The camera interface is button less so you’ll have to use the touch gestures to adjust the zoom and also be careful while taking the picture as there is no crop tool for adjusting edges once the picture is taken.