World’s 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Visit In 2012

World’s 10 Most Dangerous Countries To Visit In 2012 1

Even though every one of us desire of a calm and peaceful world, there are many parts in the world that are facing problems due to terrorists, extremists and other people. There are places are beautiful and have got blessed with beauty of nature but people fear going there as crime rate in these regions is high. You will also often see embassies issuing travel advisories to people traveling to potentially dangerous countries. The following is the list of world’s 10 most dangerous countries in 2012.

1. Iraq

Iraq,Iraq flag,flag Iraq

Even though this country has a long history of rioting and other crimes, the crime rate of this country shot up after US invasion. This oil rich country faces constant threats from Kurdish rebellions, Al Qaeda and other insurgents. Also, wars and civil disturbance has hampered the economy of the country and as a result of which a lot of people are involved in crime.

2. Afghanistan

Afghanistan flag, Afghanistan

Afghanistan is considered as a base of Al Qaeda. It was ruled for many years by Muslim extremists who committed atrocities on Christians and Hindus. Many religious structures are brought down by the extremist and instances of smuggling and violence are common in this country.

3. Colombia

Colombia,Colombia flag,flag Colombia

This country can be called as a kidnapping capital in the world. This beautiful country is marred by hundreds of cases of kidnapping and smuggling every year. A lot of embassies have issued travel advisories to this country many times because of its high crime rate.

4. Algeria

Algeria,Algeria flag,flag Algeria

Civil disturbance has ruined this country completely. It is the host to various killings and kidnapping, including those of bureaucrats, diplomats as well as nation and international journalists. Ambushes, explosions and kidnappings are very frequent in this country and that is why hardly any tourist goes there.

5. Russia

Russia,Russia flag,flag Russia

Russia is facing unrest since the division of USSR. It is very powerful in terms of military and technology, but the peaceful environment is missing. There are many mafias in Russia that are involved in kidnapping, extortions and murder and government has failed to put a curb on them.

6. Somalia

Somalia,Somalia flag,flag Somalia

Somalia is a failed state that is suffering from civil unrest and hooliganism since long. Even the citizens of this country are not safe, leave alone the tourists. Somalia pirates are known world over for their in violent and inhuman practices. The economy of this country is suffering from complete breakdown, which has further increase the criminal cases

7. Iran

Iran,Iran flag,flag Iran

This oil rich country has been in news for all the wrong reasons. Earlier, there was a problem with Iraq and in recent years there were reports of atrocities on Christian living there. Some parts of the country are highly dangerous as terrorist groups are active. Tourists are the major target in these regions.

8. Egypt

Egypt,Egypt flag,flag Egypt

The basic problem of this country is that it has an unstable government and weak economic policies. The crime rate is particularly high, especially against women. Instances of killings, robbery and molestation are very common in some parts.

9. Syria

Syria,Syria flag,flag Syria

Syria is a country in which deteriorating economic condition has lead to the increase in the criminal cases. Snatching, robbery and assault on visitors are very common and administration has failed completely to curb these things. Political unrest and civil war have also been the reasons why Syria is not a safe place to visit.

10. Libya

Libya,Libya flag,flag Libya

A lot of countries have issued travel advisories to Libya, and this is the reason why visitors are afraid to visit it. This country has been on a civil war since long over a variety of issues like recognizing border, slavery, suppression etc. Shelling and heavy firing are common in some parts of Libya.