Why The New iPad Is Called ‘iPad’

Why The New iPad Is Called 'iPad'

Scratching your head ? No? Millions of Apple fans are doing so and the puzzled look on their face is self explanatory. Yes, its because the Apple did not name the new tablet anything in particular and just called it the “iPad” or the “new iPad”. This comes as a great surprise to everyone from Apple fans to Silicon Valley executives, instantly becoming the hottest topic for tweeps.

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No special name for the new slate is surprising because for past few months all the tech gurus were divided into two camps about the name of this new tablet, one group predicted that Apple would call it “iPad 3” keeping up with its numbering tradition, while on the other hand, many were of the view that it would be called “iPad HD“, both had good reasons for their predictions but all in vain.

When the Wall Street Journal asked Apple VP for world wide marketing, Phill Schiller, why the new iPad wasn’t called the “iPad 3”, “iPad HD”, “iPadx”, “iPad Retina” or any other fancy name, his reply was quite astounding and simple at the same time.

He said “because we don’t want to be predictable“. But we think it’s not just predictability that Apple has dodged here, it seems like a new strategy by them to keep their product line consolidated and maintain its homogeneity where users just keep in mind that they have a working iPad and don’t bother about it’s inner specifications.