The Vibe, Turn Sound Into An iPhone Case

The Vibe, Turn Sound Into An iPhone Case

iPhone cases come in a variety of shapes and variations, but none that you can customise yourself or have a personalised theme to them. Shapeways a leading 3D print company has changed that by teaming up with the leading social sound platform SoundCloud, they call their new case the “Vibe” which will take customization to new heights.

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The company has developed the mass customization process that can take sounds from a web app, turn those sounds into waveform and later these waveforms get printed onto your personalised iPhone case.

How It Works?

Users can log onto the website and upload their own MP3 sound files or choose one from SoundCloud’s database, Shapeways would then use this sound to generate a 3D print on the case in the shape of sound waves generated from that sound.

This concept really renders a usual iPhone case into something personalised where you can put the sound of your loved one, your favourite song, rush hour traffic noise or as suggested by the company’s CEO Peter Weijmarshausen your child’s crying but I guess one wouldn’t want to be reminded of that terrible noise every time they pick up their phone.

The case is available for a promotional price of $19.95 till March 18th. Go get it now! [Vibe Marketplace]