Top 10 Ultrabooks Of 2012

Top 10 Ultrabooks Of 2012 1

The success of various tablet computers has laid the foundation of an all new era of mobile computing. This era is also marked by the introduction of Ultrabooks. An Ultrabook is a super thin, high end type of notebook which is defined by Intel. These books are minimal in size, yet offering high performance to the user. They have got reduced weight as well as size apart from extended battery life, thereby providing high utility to the user.

The finer etching translates into more processing power, greater efficiency as well as slimmer designs. Almost all major PC vendor such as HP, Acer and Lenovo are coming out with various variations of Ultrabooks frequently.

Because of their high mobility, low price and sleek design the popularity of ultrabooks have sky-rocketed over the last few months and the trend is likely to continue in future. Following is the list of Top 10 Ultrabooks of 2012.

1. Dell XPS 13

Even though Dell is known to make slim laptops since long, this beauty will surely catch your attention. You will be impressed to see its size zero which is covered with beautiful aluminum chassis. It’s not only about looks; powered by quad-core Intel Core i7/i5, this ultrabook is really fast and powerful. The battery life is approximately 9 hours. There are two hard disk options, i.e., 128GB and 256GB available in this book, apart from 100GB free cloud storage.

2. Samsung 9 Series Notebook 900X3A

Samsung 9 Series Notebook 900X3A,Samsung Notebook 900X3A,samsung 900X3A ultrabook

It is considered as the closest rival to MacBook Air. It has got Intel Core i5processor that runs on a 4GB RAM. The killer svelte looks further adds to the appeal of this Ultrabook. It comes with Windows 7 Home Premium/Professional. There are two storage options available to you around these are 128GB and 256GB.

3. Asus Zenbook UX21E

Asus Zenbook UX21E,Asus Zenbook UX21E ultrabook,ultrabook Asus Zenbook UX21E,ultrabook Zenbook UX21E,Zenbook UX21E ultrabook

This tempting Ultrabook is also a competitor of MacBook Air. It’s just 3mm thick on the front side and 9mm at the back side. The 11 inch screen comes with brilliant speakers to give you good sound quality. It is built around the 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-2467M dual-core CPU, which is having 4GB RAM. Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit is pre-installed in it along with a 128GB solid state drive.

4. Acer Aspire S5

Acer Aspire s5,Acer,Acer Aspire,Acer Aspire S5,Aspire S5,world's thinnest ultrabook,thinnest ultrabook,thinnest laptop

It’s not just lightweight but also very powerful. It runs on dual-core Intel Core processors and has got Windows 7 Home Premium in it, making it perfect for professionals. The 13 inch screen is ideal for the users. This energy efficient machine also boasts 4GB of RAM and SSD storage. For transfers of files there are two USB 2.0 ports and an HDMI port.

5. Samsung Series 5 Ultra

Samsung Series 5 Ultra,Samsung Series 5 Ultrabook,ultrabook Samsung Series 5,Samsung Series 5

Samsung Series 5 is available in 2 models and are among the lightest ultrabooks present in the market. The screen is 13/14 inches and stylish keyboard further adds to its appeal. There is a LED SuperBright screen with 128GB/256GB SSD or a 500GB HDD powered by Intel’s latest processor Sandy Bridge processor. The only drawback is the battery, which is around 3 hours.

6. Toshiba Satellite Z830

Toshiba Satellite Z830,Toshiba Satellite Z830 ultrabook,ultrabook Toshiba Satellite Z830,ultrabook Satellite Z830,Satellite Z830

It is based on 2nd generation Intel Core i5-2467M processor which is backed with Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 to provide excellent performance. Weighing just 1.13 kilogram, it’s just 16mm in thickness. You will find Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit along with a 128 GB solid state drive. For superb gaming and movie experience, there is Intel HD Graphics 3000 in it.

7. Lenovo IdeaPad U300s

Lenovo IdeaPad U300s,Lenovo IdeaPad U300s ultrabook,Lenovo IdeaPad,IdeaPad U300s,ultrabook IdeaPad U300s

Its funky color is something which will immediately catch your attention. The screen is good measuring 13.3 inches and the weight is just 1.35 kilogram. The Core i7 processor is ideal for running applications, browsing pictures, surfing net and doing official work. It is pre installed with genuine Windows 7 Home Premium, whereas for your storage requirements there is a 256GB solid state drive in it.

8. HP Envy Spectre 14

HP Envy Spectre 14,HP Envy Spectre 14 ultrabook,Envy Spectre 14,Envy Spectre 14 ultrabook,ultrabook hp Envy Spectre 14,ultrabook Envy Spectre 14

The 1.6GHz dual-core processor Intel’s Core i5-2467M (or i7) and 4GB RAM of HP Envy Spectre 14 assures a decent performance. Even though it is amongst the heaviest Ultrabook available in the market, it relies heavily on the brand value of HP for its popularity. The screen is 14 inches having a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. It is 21 mm in thickness and weighs approximately 2 kilograms.

9. LG Z430 Super Ultrabook

LG Z430 Super,LG Z430 Super Ultrabook,ultrabook LG Z430,Z430 Super Ultrabook,ultrabook Z430

The killer metallic looks make it stand out in the crowd. This 14 inch slim laptop also features a 19.9 mm thin chassis along with 4GB of DDR 3 memory and HD 3000 graphics. It comes with Intel core processors and also has Super Speed Boot technology, which makes it pretty fast. The 500 GB space takes care of all your storage needs.

10. HP Folio 13 Ultrabook

Hp folio 13,Hp folio 13 ultrabook,ultrabook Hp folio 13,folio 13 ultrabook,ultrabook folio 13

With an Intel Core i5/i3 processors and DDR3 memory, it is surely going to impress you a lot. The fast processor offers better speed, faster graphics, and reduced power consumption. The design of this 13.3 inch Ultrabook is simple, even the interface is compact. Its 9 hour battery life is considered to be the best in class. It is available with a 128GB SSD.