Top 10 Puzzle Games For iPhone

Top 10 Puzzle Games For iPhone 1

Puzzle games are among the best in class. These games test your strategic, logic, problem solving as well as sequence solving skills. In these games, you will find some great conceptual and logical challenges. Your primary objective is to solve the puzzles and they may include shapes, symbols as well as colors.

Tetris was one such game which revolutionized the concept puzzle gaming and laid the foundation of other puzzle games. These games also have got a basic uncomplicated set of rules, which makes it even easier for the players to understand and play the game.

Puzzle games is one such genre which is popular among the iPhone users. You will find plenty of puzzle games in the App store, however, the Top 10 iPhone puzzle games are:

1. Orbital

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It requires you to launch orbs in the field, which will expand and hit another orb or the wall. Once you hit, a number appears on the orb that signifies the number of hits it will take for it to vanish. If it falls below the line of fire, you will lose. Each of the orbs has got a different degree of gravity. [iTunes Link]

2. Monster Ate My Condo

Monster Ate My Condo for iphone,Monster Ate My Condo puzzle for iphone,iphone Monster Ate My Condo puzzle game,Monster Ate My Condo puzzle game,puzzle Monster Ate My Condo

This manic puzzle games requires you to swipe condos of different colors to left and right. You need to ensure that the stacks don’t topple over by feeding the condos of the same color to the monsters on each side. It features endless as well as time attack mode. [iTunes Link]

3. Cross Fingers

Cross Fingers for iphone,Cross Fingers puzzle for iphone,iphone Cross Fingers puzzle game,Cross Fingers puzzle game,puzzle Cross Fingers

You need to have quick reflexes and dexterity to win this one. You need to move the pieces around the various places on the board simultaneously with your fingers. In some levels, you need to compete against the time. [iTunes Link]

4. Scribblenauts Remix

Scribblenauts Remix for iphone,Scribblenauts Remix puzzle for iphone,iphone Scribblenauts Remix puzzle game,Scribblenauts Remix puzzle game,puzzle Scribblenauts Remix

If you want to do well in Scribblenauts Remix, then you need to have good creativity skills. In this game, you will advance through various levels by conjuring up items and collecting stars. Type names and add adjectives to solve the problems that are coming on your way. It offers you a lot of action and fun besides thinking. [iTunes Link]

5. Linkoidz

Linkoidz for iphone,Linkoidz puzzle for iphone,iphone Linkoidz puzzle game,Linkoidz puzzle game,puzzle Linkoidz

It is a challenging arcade puzzle games. You have crashed and landed on an alien planet and you need to fight them off. All you have is a gravity gun and energy shield. This game features 3 arcade modes and 30 challenging missions. So if you are looking for an adrenaline filled action puzzle game, it is a must play for you. [iTunes Link]

6. Puzzlejuice

Puzzlejuice for iphone,Puzzlejuice puzzle for iphone,iphone Puzzlejuice puzzle game,Puzzlejuice puzzle game,puzzle Puzzlejuice

This game is a combination of Tetris and word puzzle. Your aim is to uncover the letters that are hidden behind the tiles by forming straight lines. Since you need to do multitasking, thus good concentration skills are required. [iTunes Link]

7. Match Panic

Match Panic for iphone,Match Panic puzzle for iphone,iphone Match Panic puzzle game,Match Panic puzzle game,puzzle Match Panic

It is an addictive game that requires you to make match by tapping on either side of the screen. Since you are competing against time, you need to be fast. Watch out for powerups that will help you advance to the next level. There are more than a dozen animals to unlock. [iTunes Link]

8. Compression

Compression for iphone,Compression puzzle for iphone,iphone Compression puzzle game,Compression puzzle game,puzzle Compression

For every three pieces that are dropped and eliminated, the board will shrink by a row or column. With each passing level, it gets more and more difficult. You need to destroy the blocks as soon as possible, in order to earn more points. [iTunes Link]

9. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz for iphone,Bejeweled Blitz puzzle for iphone,iphone Bejeweled Blitz puzzle game,Bejeweled Blitz puzzle game,puzzle Bejeweled Blitz

It is a fast paced puzzle game in which you need to make strategies, match as well as detonate gems within a minute. There are three sparkling modes to choose from. It is a modified version of the previous game Bejeweled. [iTunes Link]

10. Drop 7

Drop 7 for iphone,Drop 7 puzzle for iphone,iphone Drop 7 puzzle game,Drop 7 puzzle game,puzzle Drop 7

This is a critically acclaimed iPhone puzzle game. You will see colored numbered orbs dropped on the board. The number is basically representation of the number of pieces that are adjacent to it and you need to eliminate those to advance to the next level. [iTunes Link]