Top 10 Mozilla Firefox Themes – 2012

Top 10 Mozilla Firefox Themes – 2012 1

Mozilla Firefox continues to add to the features it offers to its users. In a bid to compete with browsers with comparable market share, addons and customization schemes are released which enhance the appearance and user experience of Firefox. One such feature is changing the overall theme of the browser by installing add-ons and themes.

These themes are available free of cost and change the way browser and its contents appear. If you are bit fed up of your default browser appearance, you might consider these amazing themes which change the visuals.

Here in this article we share the Top 10 themes which would definitely make your browsing more fun and different.

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1. A Blue Fox Theme

Blue Fox Theme for firefox,mozilla Blue Fox Theme,firefox Blue Fox Theme,Blue Fox Theme

It is a modern looking nice theme. It may also be seen as the Blue version of the Bloody Red theme which was released earlier. You will see some fine detailing between black and blue colors and it looks pretty prefect on the screen. A must have for people who prefer dark colored themes.

2. Noia 4

Noia 4 for firefox,mozilla Noia 4,firefox Noia 4 Theme,Noia 4 Theme

It is the modified version of Noia 2 eXtreme theme and supports a wide range of applications. The tabs are semi-round in shapes, which looks very unique. The menu bar is much bigger than as compared to other themes. It also allows you to set shadows to toolbars and font colors.

3. AvantGarde

AvantGarde for firefox,mozilla AvantGarde,firefox AvantGarde Theme,AvantGarde Theme

This colorful and appealing theme is an instant eye catcher. If you are looking for a fun and functional theme for your Mozilla browser then there can be nothing better than this. It looks elegant and professional and also works pretty well.

4. Classic Compact

classic compact for firefox,mozilla classic compact,firefox classic compact Theme,classic compact Theme

This theme is based on the Classic theme of Mozilla. It minimizes the vertical spaces required by tool, tab, menu, and status bars etc. in order to maximize the browser window space. It also allows you to customize various features. If you are using multiple OS’s then this theme will help you a lot.

5. Ecology

Ecology for firefox,mozilla Ecology,firefox Ecology Theme,Ecology Theme

This is a brilliant theme that resembles nature. The green colored outline is really soothing to the eyes. The icons are extra large and will help you to navigate easily through the web pages. Everything including the tabs, menu bars, search bars are green colored. On the backdrop you will see the symbol of recycle, thus making you realize the importance of the same.

6. Blue Ice 2

Blue Ice 2 for firefox,mozilla Blue Ice 2,firefox Blue Ice 2 Theme,Blue Ice 2 Theme

This theme is great improvement over its last version. You will see large frosty toolbars that looks amazing on screen. The menu bar is very stylish and offers your great usability. The blue-black combination looks really cool.

7. NASA Night Launch

NASA Night Launch for firefox,mozilla NASA Night Launch,firefox NASA Night Launch Theme,NASA Night Launch Theme

This theme is inspired by the night launch of STS 116 and is a recent addition. It is a dark theme which works well with majority of the Firefox extensions. You can also customize the theme by adding images and fine tuning them.

8. Shine Bright Skin

Shine Bright Skin for firefox,mozilla Shine Bright Skin,firefox Shine Bright Skin Theme,Shine Bright Skin Theme

If you apply this theme on your Mozilla browser you might get a feeling that you are using Google Chrome. The background is light blue in color and the tabs are much thinner in appearance. The polished look is not so bright and is smoothing to the yes.

9. Ambient Fox Xyan

Ambient Fox Xyan for firefox,mozilla Ambient Fox Xyan,firefox Ambient Fox Xyan Theme,Ambient Fox Xyan Theme

It is one of the most colorful and flashy theme that is available for Mozilla Firefox. You can adjust the color as well as the intensity as per your requirement to make the text readable.

10. Chromifox Basic

Chromifox Basic for firefox,mozilla Chromifox Basic,firefox Chromifox Basic Theme,Chromifox Basic Theme

You may call it as a chrome version for Firefox. Even though it is simple, yet it looks great on screen.