Top 10 Computer Programming Languages

Top 10 Computer Programming Languages 1

Computers have now become a necessity. It is being used in businesses, college, schools, administrations etc. Their use has become indispensible for us. You will be surprised to know that there are hundreds of computer languages available and learning a programming language is of great use these days. However, only a handful of them are popular being used by us.

This article will provide you a brief insight on the Top 10 computer programming languages.

1. C

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C is among the most used, standardized and generic computer language which is being used by millions of people worldwide. This language has also laid the foundation of various other languages like C++ etc. If you learn this language, you can easily try Java, C# etc.

2. Java

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You must have played Java games or used Java programs. Introduced in 1990s, this language supports millions of games, videos and applications and used by businesses and developers from all around the world. If you are a non-Microsoft user, then it is a must for you to learn Java.

3. PHP

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This is an open source HTML scripting language which is being preferred by majority of the web developers these days. This language can easily be inculcated into the HTML pages. However, some critics complain that it is sloppy and unsecured.

4. JavaScript

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This object oriented and scripting language runs on easy and simplified set of commands. It is very easy to learn and use as compared to the other computer languages. Don’t go by its name, as it is not related to Java in any case. In fact, its real name is ECMAscript.

5. C#

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Developed but Microsoft, this language is getting popular at a rapid rate. It is a vital part of the .Net framework and is ideal for Microsoft users. It is very powerful and fast and its syntax largely resembles that of Java’s. However, it doesn’t perform well in non-Windows environment.

6. VB.Net

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Visual Basic is another computer language that is based on the .Net framework. This language has evolved over the years. However, this is only a basic language that you offer limited features; still it was being preferred until recently.

7. C++

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This is an updated version of C language and is designed to cover the things that C lacked. From games to office programs to fun applications, C++ is used for developing plenty of applications. Its speed is something which will surely catch your attention. But to learn it, you need to have knowledge of C.

8. Perl

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It is a cross platform, open source programming language which uses CGI programs to process text. It is used a lot by web developers to write web applications. Its system administration is considered as amongst the best. However, the syntax is very complicated and not easy to learn.

9. Python

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This dynamically objects oriented language makes use of the automatic memory management to function and used mostly in computer networking domain. It is an open source language, highly ratable and has a limited syntax. Due to its simplicity and ease of learning, Google and many others make use of this language.

10. Ruby

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This language was introduced in 1995 by Yukihiro Matsumoto. If you have a love for objects, this is the language that you should go for. Even though it is slow, people opt for it because it’s the most dynamic, reflective, general-purpos eobject oriented language which is available till date.