The New iPad Has A Huge 70-Percent Larger Battery

The New iPad Has A Huge 70-Percent Larger Battery

By now you must have devised a clever strategy to buy the new iPad such as a fastest route to the nearest Walmart or waiting line tactics, but tech enthusiasts couldn’t wait that long to get their hands on this hot piece of technology. So some of them flew to Australia where its already on sale and tear-ed down the device right away to find out whats really new inside the updated tablet.

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And with no surprise at all the first thing that came to notice was the big battery, but this time its not only huge on its physical size but on numbers too. The new iPad packs a 42.5 watt-hour battery which is a gigantic improvement from the 25 watt-hour battery that we saw in the iPad 2. The battery is the same Li-ion with a 70 percent increase in power and runs at 3.7 volts.

It is reckoned that the new battery is there to support the bigger 1GB Ram and the upgraded A5x process with quad-core graphics because the battery life is still the same as the iPad 2 providing 10 hrs of joy. Moreover, the bigger battery was also needed to support the new 4G/LTE technology as it requires a lot of battery juice to work.

So our months of predictions were really true about the bigger battery being integrated into the new iPad alongside the Retina Display, 5-MP rear cam, A5x processor and 4G technology. Lets now hope that its users get all what they want from their new and improved tablet.