If you are one of those people who keep their iPad with them every time of the day, every corner of the house, then you must have faced the difficulty in taking your precious, child-like iPad to take in some fresh air, enjoy the wilderness and bask in the outdoor glory — worry no more X-Doria has a perfect solution for you with its CampFire case for the iPad.

The ‘Sleeping Bag’ acts as a protector case for your iPad at the same while it provides you with a stand to place it at any angle at any kind of surface imaginable. Whether inside or out of the house you can place the iPad on your lap, grass, couch or any other surface as the bag  behaves like a pillow or cushion behind the case.

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Once the iPad isn’t in use you can pull a single cord that reverses the cushion to completely cover the iPad to keep it safe and sound in any kind of environment.

The best thing about CampFire is that once in use mode you can relaxingly use the tablet in any way you like while all of its ports are completely usable, even the rear camera is left unconcealed allowing complete usability with protection.


It sets back a reasonable $59.99 ~ $60 which considering the comfort it provides, is quite good. [Buy it now]